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Rita Onwodi

For over 20 years, Rita has been committed to providing her clients with compassionate culturally relevant and supportive therapy to help them with many life challenges.

Through client-centred counselling with a focus on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Rita provides a safe collaborative and supportive environment in which she helps her clients with recognizing and understanding the patterns which are not working for them, assist her clients in developing strategies and healthy coping skills to deal with these issues, as well as, techniques to prevent the problems from reoccurring. Rita works with adults, teenagers and seniors, couples and families experiencing psychosocial difficulties, cross-cultural struggles and mental health crisis.


  • Master of Social Work – Carleton University
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Minor in Sociology – Carleton University
  • CBT for psychosis – Royal Ottawa Healthcare Group
  • Externship and Core Skills training: Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy – ICEEFT
  • Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy course – Ottawa Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program

Tools and Techniques to manage stress as you prepare for psychotherapy:

  • Be Self-aware
  • Maintain a daily routine
  • Get plenty of sleep – have good sleep hygiene
  • Seek support – Talk to trusted friends and support system
  • Practice relaxation techniques – meditation and prayers, listening to music
  • Use visualization to create a positive outcome
  • Socializing – going to sports activities, spa, massage therapy
  • Exercise, diet, and nutrition to reduce stress

You are important, don’t believe less!